Kia ora and Welcome to the Nelson Online Shopping Mall

Welcome to our shopping mall. To find, select and order the products you are looking for is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

"How do I find what I'm looking for?"
First you select the shop you want to visit. In the main panel you click on the building which you think will stock the products you are looking for. On the left panel all logos of all the shops offering this product range will apear. You enter a particular shop by clicking onto the logo.

Once you have entered a particular shop you can select the product group from the top panel and the single product on the left panel of the screen. By clicking on the TheShop Logo on the left top corner you leave a particular shop and you are back in the mall.

"How to find products once I am in a particular shop?" All products of a shop are divided into different categories. These categories are listed across the top of the page. (1)

Select a product category from the top panel by clicking on it using the left mouse button(1) and the procucts within that category will show in the left panel. (2)
From the left panel (2) you can select a product and it will appear as a bigger picture and description in the center of the window (3) along with any other additional information such as colour options or additional accessoirs.

"What do I do when I've found that product I was looking for?"
By clicking on the "Add to Basket" button located at the bottom of every main window (3), you can add that product into your own personal shopping basket which will be displayed in the main panel of the screen.
To only view your shopping basket, you click on the button labelled "Basket" located in the top panel. (1) The Shopping Basket shows all the items you have selected so far, and lets you alter or delete them.
When you have finished shopping click the "Order" button, which is located within your Shopping Basket. Then you can enter your address and payment details. When you click the "Confirm" button the order is sent to us.

If you find it difficult to navigate around our site please drop me a line and I will try to get more organised.


Help diagram